Special Thanks

Special thanks to all our Dutchman Angels who were so generous to contribute to our campaign!

David Tomassi, Gui Agustini, Sharon Whitelaw, Christina Kosyla, Louise Belzile, Robert Bettmann, Patrick Mulryan, Stephen Guirgis, Kendall Schultz, Jay Dunigan, Chris Ostrowski, Alexandru Donia, Robert Waterhouse, Kathleen Boone, Jessica Streitfeld, Denise Mills, Aishah Rudolph, Tom Todoroff & Emily Moulton, Jessica Frank, Johnette Janney, Mark Levy, Terri Black, Cate Weber, Emily Kindred, Joaquin Pittaluga, Lorraine Floyd, Sabrina Fennell, Jason Chang…

And a very special thanks to our Dutchman Locomotive donor, Ellicott Development for their most generous contribution.

We’d also like to thank Dr. Percy Ray Ballard for his medical advice used in our fight choreography.

Last but not least, thanks to The Artist Co-op for providing rehearsal and meeting space for the production!