ALPHONSO WALKER JR. (Clay) is an american actor and producer currently living in New York City. His latest credits include WATER, a play telling the multi-generational story of water and its tumultuous relationship with the African American community. He is currently co-producing and starring in a web series for YouTube entitled THE QUARTER LIFE CRISIS. (TQLC) is a comedy revolving around three friends navigating through their early twenties.

MEGAN SMITH (Lula) is an actor, director and producer living in New York City. Her latest acting credits include, IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS (Under St. Marks), a documentary theatre piece about women who served in Vietnam and LET’S GET WEIRD! (The Pit Loft) an all-female comedy show she produces and performs in. Her producing and directing credits include JOCASTA (Gallery MC) by Sandra Perlman, an all-female retelling of the Oedipus Rex story from Jocasta’s perspective and SUBURBANITES, a John Waters homage and short film about alien drag queens in suburbia.

LENNY THOMAS (Young Negro)¬†is an American actor born and¬†raised in New York City. Recent Theatre credits: SMART PEOPLE (JAG Productions), THE LAST POET ON MARS (The Wild Project), ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST (The Chain Theatre), NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY (Shetler Theatre 54), WHAT’S IN A NAME? (The Chain Theatre), A WOLF LIKE ME (Neighborhood Playhouse).

Featuring Ensemble Players:
Sean Jarrell as Train Conductor
Kearah Armonie as Train Conductor #2
Ben Bocko

Katie Gehrmann
Ruby Littman
Joseph Martinez
Eric Novak
Karina Nunez